Job posting for RUS Chairpersonship 2023

The Student Council at RUC is seeking applicants for the RUS Chairpersonship 2023

The Student Council is looking for a RUS Chairpersonship to oversee the planning and execution of RUC Tutoring 2023.

The RUS Chairpersonship consists of two people who are given the overall responsibility for ensuring that tutors receive the necessary training and that Tutoring is carried out in a satisfactory manner. This includes the recruitment of tutors, organization and execution of a training program, division of tutors into tutor groups, coordination of trips and events, preparation of a budget, and general support of the tutors’ work. It is also the responsibility of the RUS Chairpersonship to ensure that the overall objectives of Tutoring 2023 are achieved, the most important of which is the provision of a comprehensive and engaging study start for new students.

As part of their work, the RUS Chairpersonship is expected to collaborate and keep an open, ongoing dialogue with the Student Council’s Chairpersonship and secretariat regarding practical tasks and the development of the Tutoring concept. 

Personal Requirements

The position requires effective organizational skills and a strong sense of overview for large projects. It additionally requires, but is not limited to, the ability to handle stressful situations and pressure, that you have an understanding of (or willingness to learn) to work with budgets and accounts, and skills (and preferably experience) in volunteer management.

Furthermore, in-depth knowledge of Tutoring in its entirety is required. The RUS Chairpersonship must cooperate with many different parties, including tutors, a RUSK team, the Student Council’s Chairpersonship and board, and RUC’s administrative staff. Therefore, a RUS Chairpersonship must be cooperative and seek compromise, while still maintaining the ability to follow a clearly defined course of action and reach broad, overarching goals. Finally, it is expected that the RUS Chairpersonship is passionate about creating a fantastic Tutoring for all new bachelor students starting at RUC in 2023.

Lastly, it is required that you are an enrolled RUC student during the entire chairpersonship period.


The RUS Chairpersonship will be remunerated with the equivalent of 200 hours of work in total. However, this figure is not representative of the total volunteer time commitment, which is expected to be significantly higher. The salary is paid out as a honorarium from the Student Council, which amounts to DKK 30,000 in total, to be distributed between the RUS Chairpersons. The honorarium is paid according to a further agreement with the Student Council’s Chairpersonship. The final payment will not be made until the submission of a report/review of Tutoring 2023 by the RUS Chairpersonship.

Applications and Content:

Written applications are to be sent to no later than Wednesday the 30th of November 2022 at 23:59.

In the application, the applicants are expected to, in addition to explaining their qualifications for the position, consider how they want to develop Tutoring in the future. This is to include detailing how they will meet their objectives.

The application must detail the aspects of Tutoring you believe are important to focus on in 2023. We do not expect you to have Tutoring 2023 planned out – however, it is important that you have included your reflections and priorities prior to future employment.

Ideas for content can thus be the following (though anything can be included as long as your visions and priorities are clear):

  • What visions will you work towards in 2023 – for example in relation to inclusion, communication, or something else?
  • How will you recruit RUSKs and tutors?
  • How will you organize the training and education plan to ensure that the tutors are ready to carry out their work? This applies to, among other things, seminars and what each should contain.
  • What are your reflections on your own qualifications – especially in relation to the above description of the role. Feel free to name other things you find relevant.


Interviews will be held from Friday the 2nd of December to Friday the 9th of December 2022 (Week 48+49.) Interviews will be conducted by a recruitment committee and will be based on the written applications.

The recruitment committee consists of at least:

  • Ditte Kroman, The Organizational Vice Chairperson of the Student Council at RUC
  • Daniel Bjerregård, The Economic Vice Chairperson of the Student Council at RUC
  • Lauge Lunding Bach, The Chairperson of the Student Council at RUC
  • The 2022 RUS Chairpersonship, Christian Dalum
  • One to two tutors from 2022
  • Employees from the study and career guidance

Questions related to the above can be directed to:

Organisational Vice Chairperson of the Student Council Ditte Kroman –