Get involved

It’s been several years since RUC decided to open its International versions of the basis houses. Nonetheless, as a student there, one is met by constant frustrations and problems. Some are basic: the course literature is suddenly in Danish, the lecturer doesn’t know how to, or doesn’t want to, answer questions in English. Some are more complicated: is the international degree at RUC really international?

While there have been initiatives to integrate the international students more in the university environment, and to create social activities oriented towards them, there hasn’t really been a platform from which to present those problems to the university administration. In a way, the international students have, until recently, been quite an overlooked and invisible group in the RUC student skyline.

The Student Council has not previously been sufficiently active in promoting the international student agenda, and in acknowledgement of that, developed an international strategy in the Spring of 2011 as a part of our annual plan of action (attached below, translation coming soon). As a part of that strategy, the Student Council is creating a new committee, the International Group, targeted at you, the international student. We want to raise awareness to the RUC administration and leadership, and let them know that creating a house that is taught in English is not the same as creating an international degree. The dwindling number of applications, especially from students with backgrounds other than Danish, speaks for itself.

As a part of the international strategy the Student Council will work to promote and improve the situation of the international students at RU. If you feel like you have spent the last three months, or the last three years grumbling about your international education, then join us and grumble constructively with a group of people intent on, and capable of doing something about it. So even if you just want to get a load issues off your shoulders, or you’ve been wanting to change things for years, show up and help us formulate exactly what can be done to improve the current educations!