Committee of International Collaboration (CIC)

Are you interested in the international environments at RUC? Do you have any thoughts on how we can develop and improve the international aspects of RUC and the study life for all students studying international studies? Then the Committee of International Collaboration (also known as CIC) is the place for you!

Who are we?

In CIC the main work is focused on how we can develop and improve all the aspects of being an international student here at RUC.

We are working on including students on international lines and educations, but also exchange; both for RUC students to go abroad and students coming to RUC from abroad. One of the Student Council’s main ideologies is to represent all students. In CIC we support the international students academically, socially and politically. We believe that international lines and educations should have the same academic level as danish taught educations. That a good social environment improves the individual’s, cultural understandings and in this connection also the study environment. Moreover, we believe it is og high importance that the international aspects of RUC is present and represented in the political debate of the university.

What are we doing?

In CIC we have three kinds of happenings; Open Hours, Events, and Focus areas.

Open Hours, is a recurring event that happens on Tuesdays every second week, in odd weeks from 12:00-14:00. Open Hours has the intention of providing assistance to international students regarding their study life at RUC. This can for example be in regard to translation, study descriptions, culture,  fees, exchange a.o.

CIC strives to have four events during the year; two in the spring semester and two in the fall. The first event of the Spring Semester will be ‘Speak Your Mind’, which  will be an open discussion for all RUC students about the international aspects of RUC. The second event of the Spring Semester will be an International Campaign, to put a focus on Internationalisation of RUC all over campus. The first event of the Fall Semester will be a Panel Debate, where we will invite some students to the panel where we will discuss improvements of the international aspects of RUC. the second event of the Fall Semester is an International Week, which will consist of several events during the week, that has a focus on internationalisation.

During the semester CIC will have certain focus areas for the discussion of the committee meetings. These are: fee’s for non-EU students, Introduction to RUC, and exchange. With these focuseswe hope to have a close collaboration with RUC’s international office. All committee meetings are open for everyone, feel free to come. CIC has meetings once a month.

How can you be a part of it?

Everybody with an interest in the international environment at RUC can be a part of CIX. When you participate in the work of CIX you will develop your skills within the field of hosting different kinds of events and become better at finding different solutions to fulfill the goals of different peoples’ ideas . If you have a lot of ideas on how to gather people and make a forum where people can bring up their ideas you will fit perfectly but in the end it all the only thing that is needed from you to take part in CIX is that you are interested in creating a better study environment at RUC for the international students.

Contact us

Contact person:

Calvin Carlson