Job Posting – Student Employee for the Student Council

Who We Are

The Student Council at Roskilde University is an entirely student-driven organization that aims to represent students’ social, academic, and political interests. We are the largest and most active student organization at RUC and engage in a very wide variety of activities, from holding the responsibility for study start activities and running the annual boat race, to engaging in student politics at both the university and national levels.

We are an open organization where all students are free to contribute to, take part in, and help decide our work. As such, our working language is English and you should be comfortable reading, writing, and speaking English. However, much of the practical support that makes up this position’s work requires contact with external, Danish-speaking parties. Therefore, we recommend that you are also comfortable with reading and writing in Danish.


  • Administration of digital platforms
    • This includes managing Microsoft Teams/Sharepoint, our email system (unoeuro), and website (WordPress)
  • Help with custodial office tasks
    • Ordering office supplies/coffee and light cleaning and organization of the office
  • Provide practical support for the organization
    • For example, contacting the necessary administrative personnel when someone needs more print or access to buildings
  • GDPR – Act as the organizations GDPR responsible and maintain our GDPR strategy
    • Note: This requires a high degree of confidentiality
  • Provide support for specific, one-time activities and events
    • May include, but is not limited to: extra support during university election and tutoring, and help with creating the Student Handbook

Additionally, the tasks of a student employee may also include more flexible tasks that are project specific. Projects may take a variety of forms; the following lists serves as an outline to what types of projects may be assigned:

  • Fundraising
  • Graphic design, such as creating logos and graphics for the website, handbook, etc.
  • Miscellaneous projects, Fx. creating a public relations (PR) strategy/plan

The job will be flexible. The given list of tasks will create a basis for your daily work and provide a stable workload, however the more ‘ad hoc’ and project related tasks will change as the organization changes.

Hours and Term of Employment

The job is a paid position and will be 7.5 hours per week. Hours are set according to your own schedule upon agreement with us. Generally, however, we recommend that you choose two days to split your time between where you can be in the office during working hours (generally 8-17).

The term of employment is indefinite – so long as you are still a student at RUC.

Applications and Process

Your application should consist of a CV and brief cover letter, both of which should be written in English. Applications will be accepted up until Sunday the 8th of March (incl.). Interviews will be scheduled in week 12 and decisions will be released in the following week, with the employment period beginning on April 1st.

All applications should be sent to

Please feel free to contact the Student Council’s Organizational Vice Chairperson, Calvin Carlson, with any questions:, 30 24 51 41