Job Advertisement for BW Coordinator 2020

‘Beretnings Wekend’ (BW) is an event put on for those who have worked hard to make Tutoring 2020 succeed; namely the tutors, RUSKS, Ruschairman, and the Student Council’s Chairpersonship. Each year, BW marks the end of the tutoring period and serves as a thanks to everyone for their huge efforts before and during the study start.

The position of BW coordinator may consist of one or more persons who, together with a volunteer organizer group, must plan and run BW.

The task of BW coordinator involves being responsible for planning everything, from location and time of the event (normally should be in October), to filling the weekend with appropriate activities. The concept for BW, as well as the content of the event, is continuously coordinated in collaboration with the Student Council. The framework for planning and running the event is very open and in the hands of the coordinators, we simply emphasize that all participants in BW should feel comfortable and entertained. BW must keep within the budget and rules that RUC allocates, and as BW coordinator you must create and maintain a realistic budget that you must follow and account for.

In addition, you as BW coordinator are expected to:

  • Cooperate with and be responsive to others and their input
  • Handle stressful situations.
  • Have a good organizational and financial overview.
  • Manage and comply with the allocated budget and finalize the accounts in 2020.
  • Prepare a report for future BW coordinators.
  • Be acquainted with RUC’s guidelines for Tutoring
  • Be currently enrolled at RUC as a student.

As a BW coordinator, you can expect:

  • To gain experience in project management, financial management, communication, and event making.
  • Office space at the Student Council, as much of the work will take place at RUC.
  • The Student Council Secretariat will provide ongoing organizational as well as constructive discussion of the process.
  • Payment of DKK 8,000, if there are several coordinators the payment is divided amongst them.

If interested, you can send a written application with relevant CV to no later than March 22nd, 2020 at 23:59. Employment interviews will take place in weeks 14 and 15.

Your application should be written in English, and include a plan on how you will organize this year’s BW. In addition, you should have a special focus on your skills and any experience you may have in management, financial management, and planning. Finally, a proposal for a work plan and a preliminary budget must be attached.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the Student Council’s Organizational Vice Chairperson, Calvin Carlson, at

The Student Council is an interest organization for the students of RUC, which is independent of partisan political interests and aims to safeguard the student’s social, academic, and student-political interests. We represent students in RUC’s governing bodies and advocate for better student conditions, both at RUC and in the community.