Job advertisement for the 2020 Rus chairmanship

Job advertisement for the 2020 Rus chairmanship

The Student Council is seeking a new Rus Chairmanship to plan tutoring in 2020.

The Rus Chairmanship usually consists of two people who are given the overall responsibility for ensuring that the tutors receive necessary training, and that tutoring is executed as well as possible.

This includes: recruitment of tutors, organization and conduct of educational programs, division of tutor groups, coordination of rustrips, preparation of budgets for tutors, and general support for the work of the tutors. Finally, it is the responsibility of the Rus Chairmanship to ensure that the main objectives of 2020 tutoring are successfully implemented.

As part of their work, the Rus Chairmanship will also collaborate and have ongoing dialogue with the Student Council Presidency and Secretariat on practical tasks and development of tutoring.

The job requires an organizational sense and overview to fill the position. It also requires that you are able to handle stressful situations and work pressures, that you have an understanding (or willingness to learn) of budgets and accounts, and have skills in managing volunteers.

Furthermore, an in-depth knowledge of tutoring in its entirety is required. The Rus Chairmanship must work with many different parties, ranging from tutors, the lackey group, the Student Council Presidency and Board, and RUC’s administrative staff. Therefore, the Rus Chairmanship is called upon to cooperate and seek compromise, but at the same time to provide a clear direction. 

Finally, the Rus Chairmanship is expected to be passionate about making a fantastic tutoring for all new students starting at RUC in 2020. The Rus Chairmanship is paid with the equivalent of 200 hours in total. However, the actual hourly labour is significantly greater than this, especially in and up to the rusperiod itself. The salary is paid as a fee, which is a total of DKK 30,000 distributed among the Ruschairs. The fee is paid by agreement with the Student Council Presidency. However, the payment only falls after a final report from the Rus Chairmanship is available.

Written applications should be sent to no later than Thursday, September 26th at 12.00.

In the application, in addition to explaining their qualifications for the position, applicants are also expected to consider how they wish to develop tutoring in the future, including how they will meet the objectives.

The application must contain the aspects that you think are important to focus on throughout tutoring 2020. The entire period does not need to be planned yet – but it is important that there are reflections and priorities ahead of a future employment. Content ideas can follow – but it’s also okay if it contains something completely different as long as your visions and priorities are clear.

Questions to address:

What visions do you want to work towards in 2020 – for example in relation to inclusion, communication, or other?

How will you recruit lackeys and tutors?

How will you plan the education of tutors to ensure that they are ready to do their job? This applies to, among other things, work on the seminars and what the various seminars will contain.

What are your reflections in relation to your own qualifications – especially in relation to the above description of the role, but also other things you find relevant?


Interviews will be held in Week 40, by a hiring committee and will be based on the written applications.

The Rus Chairmanship will be announced on BW.

The hiring committee consists of:

Mathilde Vendelholt, Chairperson of the Student Council at RUC
Lea Pehrson, Economical Vicechair of the Student Council at RUC
Calvin Carlson, Organizational Vicechair of the Student Council at RUC
The Rus Chairmanship of 2019
Two-three 2019 tutors

Questions related to the above can be addressed to Mathilde

The Student Council at RUC
Universitetsvej 1
Bygning 13
4000 Roskilde

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