Application for BW coordinator

The Student Council are looking for BW Coordinators – 2021

Kan være et billede af tekst, der siger "WE CAN COORDINATE IT! Apply for BW COORDINATOR Today"

“BeretningsWeekend” (Called BW) is an event for those, who have done a great job to make the Tutoring 2021 a success – the university’s tutors, RUSK’s, the chairpersonship of tutoring, and the Student Council’s chairpersonship and other collaborators like RUCBar, RUCSound, and Rusland. Every year, BW celebrates the end of tutoring and aims to reward everyone for their huge efforts before and during the study start of 2021.

The position as BW coordinator can be applied by one person or more, who, together with a voluntary organizing group, must plan and run BW. The task as BW coordinator involves the responsibility of planning everything from busses to the secret location and to what fill the weekend with in terms of activities. The concept for BW as well as the content and time of the events are coordinated in collaboration with the Student Council’s chairpersonship. It is important that all participants at BW feel comfortable and entertained, but besides that, there is a very free framework for how the events can be planned and performed. BW must be held within the funds given by RUC which means you, as BW coordinator, must draw up a realistic budget, which you must observe carefully and report, on an ongoing basis.

In addition, it is expected that you as BW coordinator:
– Are good at collaborating and are open and accommodating towards others and their input
– Can handle stressful situations.- Has a good organizational and financial overview.
– Can manage and comply with the given budget and close the accounts within 2021.
– Prepare a handover report for use by future BW coordinators.
– Have the opportunity to get acquainted with the environment of the Tutors at RUC or already knows it, as it is this group, BW is targeted for.

As a BW coordinator, you can expect to:
– Gain experience with project management, financial management, communication, and event making.
– Be provided with a workplace in the Student Councils’ office, as a large part of the work can take place at RUC.
– That The Student Council’s secretariat will continuously be helpful with organizational assistance as well as constructive discussion of the planning.
– Receive a total remuneration (honorar) of 10,000 DKK, shared equally among the BW coordinators.
– Have the opportunity to get a recommendation afterward, if this should be of interest.

If you are interested, you can send a written application (you are welcome to send a joint application if you as a group would like to apply) with a relevant CV (only from those who want to be a coordinator) to with “Application for BW Coordinator 2021” in the headline, no later than Friday 25th of June 2021 at 23:59.

Interviews will take place at RUC and will be held in week 26. The application must contain your reflections and ideas on how you intend to plan and organize this year’s BW. In addition, you should have a special focus on what competencies and experiences you have in management, financial management, and planning. Finally, a proposal for a work plan and a preliminary budget must be attached. The application can be written in English or Danish.

If you have any questions about the above, please contact the organizational vice-chairperson of the Student Council at:

Who are we, the Student Council? The Student Council is an organization for the students at RUC, which is independent of party-political interests and aims to take care of the students’ student-social, student-academic, and student-political interests. We represent the students in RUC’s governing bodies and work for better conditions for the students at RUC and in society.